1. Paediatric critical care by Dr Bibin Jose on 29.06.18
  2. Paediatric endocrine by Dr Parvathy on 06.12.18
  3. Paediatric Neuro by Dr Akbar Mohammed on 19.06.18
  4. Recent Advances in ClinicalMicrobiology on 06.08.18
  5. World Mental Health Day on10.10.18

At present there are 42 ongoing research programmes under State Board of Medical Research.  National and State level CME Programmes are conducted by the Departments. Seminars and Workshops on regular basis are organized by in house Medical division of IMA. Institutional Research Committee and Institutional Ethics Committee are constituted for review and the clearance of research works submitted by the faculty. Teachers’ training and Basic course workshop are conducted in the institution. Advanced training programme of the MCI Regional Training Centre, Govt. Medical College, Kottayam is attended by all Faculty. The agencies like ICMR, RNTCP, KGCSTE are also funding research projects of faculties.