Central Library

The central library has a floor space of 1600 sq.mThe library is functioning in two floors . The ground floor includes stack room, seating arrangement for staff, journal section, binding section, acquisition section and computer section.

The first floor includes reading room for students and photocopying section.There are 7220 books in the library and with more than 100 foreign journals. The working hours of library are from 10 am to 7 pm (two shifts).There are fifty seats for reading for teaching staff and hundred seats for students.

There is an Internet connection available in the library and is accessible to all teaching staff . Photocopying service is also made available to both staff and students.

The books are arranged in the library, subject wise and an American scheme of classification is used for this purpose (Dewey Decimal classification .20th edition)

The catalogue for books have been computerized with software named Alice for windows, version 6.0(standard module)