Faculty List


The department is located on first floor of building 9 in the college side of campus. Students laboratory and office rooms of the staff are located in one wing of the floor, while the diagnosticlaboratory are located in second wing

Three functional aspects of department include teaching,diagnostics and research.

Teaching involves mainly second MBBS students during there third fourth and semesters,which is a period of one and half years.

Teaching approach includes lectures student seminars demonstrations and practical exercises,keeping in mind the broad goal of course which is to provide to students an understanding of natural history of infectious diseases inorder to deal with etiology pathogenesis laboratory diagnosis treatment and control of infection in community

Cultures for common bacteria and fungi are available with antimicrobial sensitivity testing for the bacteria.serological test are mainly for detection of antibodies against bacteria and virus are available.light microscopic examination of wet preparations and stained smears are routinely done.
sputem smear examination according to the RNTCP protocol was initiated in december 2004. Laborataries is gearing to initiate conventional cultures for micobacteria.

On the reaserch side ,3studies have been conducted in departmant by M.S.c,microbiology students,towards their research projects

A research proposal has been submitted to RNTCP for work related to tuberculosis .