Blood Bank

We have a 24hr seven days a week transfusion medicine department, which is equipped with state of the art technologies with reference to Blood collection, Donor monitoring, Managing Donor reactions, Blood screening, Component separation, Preservation of blood and its components, Quality control(Internal and external)

The blood bank has 4 blood donor couches, for biomixers, two deep freezers three blood storage cabinets a cryoprecipitate bath, a platelet agitator, a laminar air flow bench, a fully automatic ELISA processor a Cryofuge and several major and minor equipments for proper blood correction, component separation, screening and storage of blood, conducting camps and other activities that takes place in the blood bank.

The blood bank is in strict compliance with the rules and regulations stipulated by the department of “Drugs and Cosmetics” which comes under the Ministry of Health New Delhi.
The Blood bank is licensed to issue the following blood or its components, Whole blood ,Packed red blood cell, Fresh frozen plasma ,Platelet rich plasma ,Granulocyte concentrate, Cryoprecipitate, Washed red blood cell, Platelets, Leucocyte depleted red blood cells.

We have around the clock fully trained staff, to make sure that the blood bank services are according to international standards and we are in a position to honour requests for whole blood or components from outside hospitals.
Ours is one of the largest and the best equipped blood bank in Kerala