Forensic Medicine

“The search for the truth is the essential of forensic medicine. This truth forms an essential link between enforcement of law and protection of the public in administration of justice”

Facluty List Forensic Medicine


To give training in application of medical knowledge in the administration of law and justice which will help in elucidation of questions in judicial proceedings.

Department of forensic medicine is a full fledged one compatible with that of any other medical college in the country. The department is having well furnished and well equipped demonstration hall, labs, photographic unit and research lab. The library attached in our department has plenty of books and periodicals and facilities for reading and conferencing. The department is fully equipped with teaching aids including slide projection, lcd projectors, ohps, vcp,microscope and charts. Our forensic museum is one of the best in the state displaying hundreds of wet specimens, dummies, photographs, weapons, charts, dry specimens and instruments.

Our museum is highly informative and well furnished for study purposes. We have well equipped post mortem theatre with all modern equipments. There are facilities for lab investigation concerned with post mortem examination.

We have got a freezer to keep six dead bodies at a time. There are rooms for dressing and conducting religious rituals after post mortem examination. There are spaces for police inquest and public waiting.