Cochin Medical College, Kochi has the history of an unparalleled expedition. It’s incarnation was an emergence from vacuum. It’s legacy was incoherent. Its horoscope was indeterminate. It was certainly a joint effort, for moulding destiny of many generations. Its evolutions was with leaps and bounds, ups and downs…. It sailed through….the moments of peril and breakdown, nearing even the brim of collapse. But optimism and dedication made it survive amidst a devastating turmoil.
With grateful recollections, we acknowledge the relentless efforts of all who pioneered and nourished this Medical College to its present phase… an outlook that is distinct!

Yes, today the story proceeds from this wonder of a rebirth from the shackles of yesterday. A compact and consolidated campus with a glaring look, is what it is now….. driving to the destiny of history.  Confidently…. hopefully…sans stumbling interruptions!

CMC.. let its name fly high!