General Medicine

Four units with professors, associate professors, senior residents and tutors.
CICU & MICU wit centralised A/C. Fully equipped with bedside ECG monitoring, Pulse Oxymeter, Ventillator and facility for emergency resusitation available. This is supported by excellent and trained staff.

Neat and spacious General Wards and Pay Wards. Separate wards for allied specialties.

Regular CME’s seminars and other academic activities.
Camps conducted on near by places.


Sl.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Jilse George Professor MBBS, MD
2 Dr. Jacob K Jacob Professor MBBS, MD,DNB
3 Dr. Vibha C Santosh Assoc. Professor MBBS, MD
4 Dr. P.G. Ramesan Assoc. Professor MBBS, MD
5 Dr. Joe Joseph Assoc. Professor MBBS, MD
6 Dr. Anoop Joseph Asst. Professor MBBS, MD
7 Dr.Suma Samuel Asst. Professor MBBS, MD, MRCP
8 Dr. Omana Menon Sr. Resident MBBS, DNB
9 Dr. P.Viji Sr. Resident MBBS
10 Dr. D. Santhichandra Pai Tutor MBBS
11 Dr. Azma T.I Jr. Resident MBBS
12 Dr. Dhanya D Jr. Resident MBBS
13 Dr. Fincy K.P Jr. Resident MBBS
14 Dr. Merin Jose Jr. Resident MBBS
15 Dr. Greeshma Sumanesan Jr. Resident MBBS
16 Dr. Krishna Mohan Jr. Resident MBBS, MD
17 Dr. Shrin Sarah John Jr. Resident MBBS
18 Dr. Saran Raj.J P.G.Student
19 Dr. Insaf.K.T P.G.Student
20 Dr. B.K. Asaraf P.G.Student
21 Dr. Hima.M.S P.G.Student
22 Dr. Ranjith.P.S P.G.Student
23 Dr. Anish S.K P.G.Student